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Developing a successful small business strategy is no easy feat.  The first two years of a business can often be the ‘make or break’ period.  With that in mind, we have assembled guides and expert advice to help you start, manage, and move your business forward.

In this article, you will find resources to help you with:

Getting started

You have an idea for a business. It’s always been your dream. You even told yourself “This is the year!” Here are some articles to help you take the leap.

How to start a business in a weekend with just an idea and a smartphone 

The secret weapon to surviving your first 90 days in business 

Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur 

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Getting customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Whether you are looking to land your very first customer or support your existing customers, these articles can help.

10 steps to grow your customer base

Why referrals are vital to your business growth

Top three pricing mistakes to avoid

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Managing cash flow

Staying on top of your cash flow is crucial for your business to succeed.  Thankfully, the principles of cash flow management are pretty straightforward.  Here are some resources to help you manage cash flow challenges.

5 ways to manage your cash flow

Measuring small business growth

Don’t mix personal and business finances 

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Reducing admin

Running a business can be challenging.  All too often, too much time is taken up by business admin. Freeing up just a little of that time could be a game changer.  Here are some articles to get you started:

15 of the best admin hacks for small businesses 

The cure to your admin headaches

How HR self-service tools can save time for small businesses

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Building a team of advisors

When starting a business, you can either do it the “hard way” – relying solely on your own experience and expertise – or you can take the less painful route and get valuable insights from a mentor.  Here is some advice to help find and build your team of advisors.

How to make mentorship a part of your business strategy

Mixing family with business? Here’s how to make it work

Translating accounting lingo for small business owners

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Hiring employees

Hiring a new employee is always a big step and can give your business a competitive edge.  Here are some resources to help you build and grow your team.

Building your team: How to master the art of hiring top talent

Key components of a successful employee onboarding experience

The secret to managing remote employees 

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Managing uncertainty

Business contingency planning is useful for any unexpected situation, whether it be a global pandemic, inclement weather, or a mass transit strike.  Here are some resources to help you develop a contingency plan for your business.

How to safeguard your business during unprecedented times 

How to bounce back from a setback in your business

How business intelligence tools can transform a small business 

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Written by Johanna Brown-Lyons

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